Seven o’clock March 6th sitting on the sofa, I can feel the tingle in my fingers. The rush of euphoria the sudden exploding around my body. I must do something, I must do everything. I’m sitting here next to Nicola she’s speaking but I can’t hear her. All that’s coming to my mind is  getting out, running around, speaking to everyone. I must, this is the moment where everything is working out and I must complete my list. I’m unaware of what  my list actually is but thoughts keep bouncing into my mind. Like a bottle of coke I’ve been shaken and I need my the cap to be realised. I’ve already downed pre-made cocktails. It justified though there from M&S, this makes this okay. I haven’t done anything wrong drinking is socially acceptable and as long as no one finds out it’ll be okay. Nicola is talking and all I can think about is how to get out.  How can I do this, suddenly it comes to me, it ingenious! I have no awareness of how recklessness  my ideas  are, without realising I’m truly deep in a manic episode.

One thought on “March 6th 2017

  1. I about to start an anonymous journal blog. I wrote a book and have a public persona. Still there are things I need to say that will hurt others if they knew the raw part of me. I cannot connect that blog to Bonsai in any way. If you find it you might recognize the struggle. Bonsai is how I came to be this way.


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