And yes of course without a seconds thought people think they only hurt for the person that is being, for use of a more insulting word, “dumped”. But they hurt for everyone. Because its actually rare that you hate the person you break up with. I mean maybe they cheated on you and you truly believe you hate them. But i don’t think you can jump from love to hate. I think if you hate the person you are breaking up with there is more to it then a simple “break up”. But anyway, I digests.

The norm; everyone hurts when there is a break up. Be it the person that is getting there heart brocken. To the person that you are looking  at, someone they counted as a impornt person, and you see the heart break in their eyes.

But all of that horrible experience happenes with adrenaline. That beuitfull hormones that is being pumped around your body is making the whole situation slightly better.

That delightful gift from your cave man instinct, helping you tackle a situation that you never saw yourself in.

Yes, thats horrible.


But what really hurts, is the unexpected.  Its when you need to remove all your old photos from your phone. you want to delete them because you have a new girlfriends. One that is perfect. so you want a fresh new start. White paint on your walls. You’ve grown up in a generation that you  can pick up your phone and swish you finger up and see all the happy memories via your photos. But the pain that really happens is when you delete all of those “forever” memorise.

Yes, i don’t love her, and i don’t think i ever did. I believe i convinced myself to love to help me from dyeing.

But it still hurts.

Break ups are hard. They do really hurt.

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